Best Window Cleaning In The Rain

Rain Water Is Excellent For Window Cleaning

In fact, the idea that window cleaning in the rain is a pointless venture, is actually a myth. Commercial window cleaners can achieve a sparkling finish in rain and shine, with the current weather conditions having little, if any, effect on the quality of your window cleaner’s finish

Window cleaning in the rain

You Shouldn’t Clean Windows In The Rain – Is That Really True?
Rain water is actually very good for window cleaning.
Yes, all those people who say that you shouldn’t clean windows in the rain are actually wrong.

Rain Water Is Harvested By Window Cleaners
rain water is actually harvested (collected) by many window cleaners, and used to clean customers windows. Yes, instead of avoiding rain water, professional window cleaners are actually using it to clean windows in preference to tap water.
Don’t believe me? Do an online search for “rainwater harvesting window cleaning”.

window cleaning in rain

Rain Water Has Fewer Contaminates Than Tap Water
Rain water normally contains far fewer contaminates in solution than tap water in many parts of the country, and it more suited to cleaning and removing dirt than ‘clean’ tap water. If you measure the number of contaminates in solution in rainwater using a TDS meter, the reading ranges from very low to zero in many parts of the country. Whereas, tap water normally has between 30 – 200 times more solids dissolved into it.

These figures are important to window cleaners, and you can read some more on how we do it in this article – What Is TDS and Why Is It Important To Window Cleaners.

Wait! I have Seen Dirty Windows After The Rain
Yes, sometimes a window does look more dirty after the rain. This generally happens if the window hadn’t been clean in a while, and the rain shower was only light on the glass – not a wash out.
Sometimes after a light shower, you can see dirty streaks on your windows. Well, these aren’t actually from new dirt, but existing dirt on the window.
A raindrop lands on the glass and starts to run down it. As it goes, it absorbs some of the dirt on the glass (remember the lack of dissolved solids we just discussed in rain water).

Dirty Windows In The Autumn & Winter
You may have noticed that your windows actually get dirtier in the Autumn and Winter when there is more rain, so how come if the rain doesn’t make them dirty?
Dirt is actually carried in the wind and storms, and that is what causes most problems.

And for those of us close to the sea, you know that sea water can be carrier in the air too, and that makes creates a white haze over your windows with the sea salt.
It’s not the rain that makes them dirty, it’s the dirt and salt etc. carried on the wind

Can You Clean Windows In The Rain?
yes you can clean windows in the rain.
The next time you see your window cleaner out in the rain, don’t think “he shouldn’t be cleaning windows in the rain”.
Instead feel sorry for him, because frankly it’s miserable working outside in that weather.
Cleaning windows in the rain is not a problem – rain water is normally clean – cleaner than tap water.

Do ‘I’ Clean Windows In The Rain?
Yes, I do.

  • I offer a regular service to my customers, and if I am going to do that, then I need to be out working in the rainy days too.
    I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee anyway, if I have cleaned your windows (raining or not) and they are not cleaned right, I will happily do them again for free.
    I would rather clean them again, and you be happy, rather than you be unhappy with my service.
    So, I ‘put my money where my mouth is’ regarding cleaning windows in the rain.
    Some days it is raining too heavily for practical or sometime safe working conditions. Then, on those days I do not clean windows.
    Otherwise, yes you will see me out working in the rain, as my customers want a regular, reliable service, and it makes no difference at all to the finished cleanliness of your windows.
    So, forget about the myth about not cleaning windows in the rain – it’s just an ‘old wives tale’ and doesn’t apply in today’s climate or my window cleaning method.

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